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We design and develop websites, mobile apps, SaaS products for you using leading technologies and modern designs resulting in the most addictive user experiences.
Pixlcoders is a contemporary software services company working with leading technologies like MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, NodeJS, MongoDB, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, Ionic Apps, Big Data & AI Technologies like (Hadoop, Spark, Python).
About Us
Building a website, mobile app or SaaS product can be quite intimidating, stressful and expensive, especially without the right team at hand - enter PixlCoders, with our expert team of
- Sr. Product managers
- Skilled Designers, and
- Full Stack Developers
ready to guide and help you build your product and bring
your vision to life!
Our Process
Sit back and relax! while our exhaustive process takes care of fulfilling your vision at every step.
Right from doing your groundwork - problem research, user research, market validation, and documentation to Building a great product for you - making HiFi wireframes, prototyping, producing high-quality designs with enriching UX & Branding to Product Development and finally supporting you in launching and maintaining your product over time.
We work as your team to achieve your vision, supporting you at every step of the product journey.
Research Led Data Driven Product
  • We follow a Lean UX method which is the most efficient and economic approach to building any succesful product. Thereby, ensuring the development model is built around the product's user groups.
  • Our intensive user group study ensures that we build a product that will revolves around your customer’s pain points.
  • Also, we start testing early and fast with MVP's, undergoing several iterations while constantly making sure you have a product of great value and likeability amongst your users.
Stay on Top of Design Trends
  • WoW your customers with creative and captive designs. At Pixlcoders, we advise you on the most sought after trends and create product designs that will transform the user experience to a whole new level.
  • Our unique product development model will include you at each step of the product designing, allowing plenty of room for suggestions, feedbacks and iterations.
  • After which we will take the product testing to its users over multiple stages, allowing data to drive product feature / design iterations. Such a lean and data driven process ensures a product that is built for success.
Latest & Best Technologies for a Powerful Product
  • A powerful technology ensures seamlessly product functioning. At Pixlcoders, our team of handpicked senior developers work only on the latest and best technologies such as NodeJS , ReactJS , AngularJS , Python , Mongo D.B. , Hadoop, Spark, ThreeJS etc.
  • Here we advise you on the most suitable technologies that can ensure your product stays responsive, scalable and secured for a long time.
Scalable Product Model
  • Pixlcoders always builds for the future. We understand the potential your product can hold, and accordingly we build for scalability so that you don't need a product upgrade anytime soon.
  • At Pixlcoders, we don’t just build your product but also put our minds behind your business, so that we can build for your future.
Constant Support, Continued Guidance and beyond...
  • We don't just stop with delivering a bug free product for you. We will be here to support you throughout your journey.

  • Pixlcoders support system covers your complete Product Support, Upgrades and other professional help that your business may require such as Training & Hiring the right teams.
What Motivates Us
“PixlCoders are the best way to reach our audience and validate our commitment to providing exceptional service.”
Arun Mahendran
CEO, Trebound
"I have had a very first collaboration with this team and they really surprised me with the quality of work. They have great set of skills in both Android and iPhone applications and have great communication skills..."
Subash Reddy
CEO, Big Data
"We are always impressed with the thorough research and comprehensive vendor analysis PixlCoders provides..."
Muthaih Ramaswamy
CEO, Chettinad Logistics
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